Monevium card

Monevium card

What is a Monevium card?

A Monevium card means the MasterCard which is opened in EUR.  It is a prepaid card, and it is linked to your Monevium card account, not a bank account. 
A Monevium card can be of 2 types: Monevium Plastic card and Monevium Virtual card.
The main difference between the plastic and virtual cards is that a Monevium Plastic card is issued in a physical form and can be used for POS and ATM transactions, and online operations. The Monevium Virtual card can be used to carry out e-commerce transactions only. Get more detailed information on the Monevium card here.

Who can apply for a Monevium card?

To apply for a Monevium card account and Monevium cards, a user must be:
  1. an adult (of full legal age in the country of permanent residence).
  2. a citizen or having residence permission of the following countries: Austria, Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Estonia, Finland, France, Germany, Gibraltar, Greece, Hungary, Iceland, Ireland, Italy, Latvia, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxemburg, Malta, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Slovenia, Spain, Sweden, United Kingdom.
  3. a holder of a valid national photo ID issued in the above list of countries (passport or EU ID card; current issued travel document (UK), full or provisional driving license (UK), Nationality Directorate application card (UK), etc.).

How to order a Monevium card?

A user can order a Monevium Plastic or Virtual card in the Monevium Client Portal. It's also possible to open a Monevium card via a mobile application (coming soon).
A Monevium Virtual card is a digit card and it is generated immediately after filling in the card ordering form. Once it is activated, the card can be used for online transactions. Get the detailed information on opening the virtual card by Monevium here.
A Monevium Plastic card is a physical card which is issued by Decta Limited and regulated by the FCA. The plastic card is delivered to the user's address within 5-10 business days (Standard delivery). Get the detailed information on opening the plastic card by Monevium here.

How can I use my Monevium card?

1. A Monevium Plastic card can be used to carry out:
  1. POS transactions: to purchase goods or services at a point of sale.
  2. E-commerce transactions: to purchase goods or services over the internet.
  3. ATM transactions: to carry out transactions at an ATM to withdraw cash. ATM means an automated teller machine or cash dispenser bearing the Mastercard acceptance mark.
Your Monevium Plastic Card is a 'chip and PIN' card, also you will be able to execute contactless transactions with it.

2. Your Monevium Virtual card can be used to carry out e-commerce transactions, provided Mastercard payments are accepted in each case.
Note! We cannot guarantee that a particular retailer, ATM or online merchant will accept your Monevium card - you must check with the relevant retailer, online merchant or check the ATM signage before attempting to make a transaction.
You should make sure there are sufficient funds available in your Monevium card account to cover the amount of a transaction and any applicable fees. The fees and limits applying to your Monevium cards are set out on the 'Pricing' page.

How can I top up my Monevium card?

A user can transfer funds from the Monevium account to the Monevium card. 
The balance on your Monevium card account must never exceed any limits specified in the Card limits section on the 'Pricing' page.

How can I withdraw from my Monevium card?

You can withdraw funds from your Monevium Plastic card at any ATM or cash dispenser bearing the Mastercard acceptance mark.
A Monevium Virtual card is used for online transactions and to withdraw funds, you should transfer the funds from your virtual card to your Monevium IBAN first, and then make a SEPA transaction.

How are authorised the transactions with a Monevium card?

You will be asked to authorise each transaction at the time it is initiated by you through the Monevium Plastic card or Virtual card as applicable.
A transaction will be regarded as authorised by you where you:
  1.  authorise a POS transaction by following the instructions provided by the merchant or retailer to authorise the POS transaction which might include: (i) entering your PIN; (ii) signing a sales voucher; (iii) inserting your Monevium Plastic card into a card reading device for the purpose of making a payment; (iv) tapping the card near the card reader.
  2. authorise an e-commerce transaction by following the instructions provided by the merchant or retailer to authorise the e-commerce transaction and by providing the Monevium Plastic card or Monevium Virtual card details and/or any other details as requested.
  3. authorise an ATM transaction by inserting your Monevium Plastic card and entering your PIN to request a cash withdrawal.

How can I report security breaches and unauthorised or incorrectly executed transactions?

If you know or suspect that your Monevium card has been lost, stolen or misappropriated, or your PIN or any other security information is misappropriated, you should tell Monevium immediately by contacting our Customer Support (
If you think a transaction that was not authorised by you has been processed or that a transaction has been incorrectly executed, you should contact the Monevium immediately via You may be asked to complete a declaration form and return it to us promptly.