How to order a Monevium Physical Card

How to order a Monevium Physical Card

Monevium Physical Card is a prepaid MasterCard card issued in the user's name and which is linked to your Monevium card account. The Monevium physical card is a financial product regulated by the FCA. It's a 'chip & PIN' card and can be used to carry out POS, e-commerce and ATM transactions.

  1. Click Order Card on the left-side menu of the Client Portal.
    Note! Only verified Monevium account owners are allowed opening Monevium cards.

  2. Fill in the form:

    • Card Currency: currency in which the card will be opened (EUR).
    • Card Type: card type (Physical).
    • Pass Phrase: passphrase that is similar to a password in usage but it's generally longer for added security. Each time a user enters the physical card number, the system will require this passphrase to validate the operation.
      Passphrase should contain up to 20 characters including Latin letter (aA-zZ) and digits (0-9).
    • Phone Number: user's phone number.
      Please make sure to remember the 3D secure password, because you will need it for confirming your online transactions.
      The 3D password (passphrase) can be restored by means of '3D Secure Pass Recovery' procedure.

      Delivery address details – where the ordered card will be sent to:
    • Country: user's country of residence.
    • Delivery Type: select the delivery type, if available (Standard (5-14 days) or Express (e.g. UPS (2-5 days)), which differs on the delivery speed and price).
    • City: user's city of residence.
    • Address: user's address.
    • ZIP Code: user's postal code.

    Click Request new card.

    Delivery of your Monevium Physical Card should occur within 5-14 business days.
    If you haven't received the card within 14 business days, please contact our Support service at
  3. The displayed issue price + delivery price (total price) will be charged from your Monevium IBAN. 
    Please credit the funds to your account, if there are insufficient funds in it.

  4. Once you have received the physical card, you should activate it. Select the required physical card on the left menu and click Activate.
    Enter the 11th and 12th digits of the card number located on the physical card surface.

  5. You can view the card details by clicking Show details: card owner name, card number, and card expiration date.
    Keep the PIN code in a safe place.

  6. Now you can manage your Monevium Physical Card:

    • Load: top up the card: funds will be withdrawn from your IBAN and credited to your card.
    • Unload: top up the Monevium IBAN: the funds will be withdrawn from the card and credited to the account.
    • Freeze: block the card temporally until it's unfrozen.
    • Replace: request the bank to replace the physical card in case of its expiration or loss.
Current Monevium account and card fees can be found here.