Recover 3D Secure Pass

Recover 3D Secure Pass

Passphrase (secure pass) is similar to a password in usage but it's generally longer for added security. Each time a user enters a Monevium card number, the system will require this passphrase to validate a finance operation.
The passphrase is generated during a Monevium card ordering procedure.

To recover your passphrase:
  1. Select Settings → Recovery → 3D Secure Passphrase in the Client Portal menu.

  2. Select the card for which the passphrase is recovered:

    • Upload the required documents: ID and actual utility bill.
    • Enter the comment (optional).
    • Click Submit.

  3. You will get an email with the confirmation link. 
    Enter the new passphrase to protect your transactions via a Monevium card and keep it safe.
Please make sure to remember the 3D secure password, because you will need it for confirming your online transactions.