Account registration

Account registration

To open a EUR IBAN with Monevium, please follow the next steps:

  1. Click Sign up at

  2. Fill in the form:

    • Email: Enter your email which will be used as a login with Monevium. Emails from the company concerning your IBAN, finance and secure operations will be sent to this email.
    • Password: Use the automatically generated password for your Monevium account. Uncheck the 'Generate password' checkbox to enter your own password.
    • Confirm password: Enter the chosen password one more time.
    • Phone number: Enter your valid mobile phone number (select the country code and enter the area code + your phone number).

    Read and accept the 'Payment account terms and conditions' and 'Privacy Policy' documents.
    Click Submit.

    Please save the password as it is shown ONLY ONCE on this form.
    If you lose/forget your password, you can recover it on the login page.

  3. If you've entered all the information correctly and checked the checkbox, you will see your Monevium account details including your email as a login and unique IBAN number.
    Click Login.

  4. As soon as you log into your Monevium account for the first time, you will get the PIN code. Save it!
    Click Next to manage your Monevium Client Portal.

  5. Select your account type:

    • Personal account: You intend to operate the account as an individual.
    • Joint account: You intend to own a Monevium account together with another person and make payments from a joint bank account. During a registration/verification procedure you will be asked to specify personal details on the Primary and Secondary account owners. Both owners have equal access to the account.
    • Corporate account: You intend to manage a Monevium account on behalf of a company and make payments from a corporate bank account. You will be asked to provide a number of documents concerning your company registration, registered address, certificates. etc.
  6. Select your country.

  7. Fill in the form which requests the additional details like your first and last name, date of birth, address, etc.

Pass the account verification procedure to manage your Monevium account with all available functionality.
If you have any questions or problems with the registration and/or verification procedure, please contact us at: